Chilean wedding

We had only known each other a week when Claudia asked if I would accompany her to a wedding on the upcoming weekend. Without hesitation, I said, "yes, I'd love to!" - how exciting is that? It wasn't until afterwards I wondered what I would wear as I never packed a suit to go to Chile. 

The very next day, I went to a department store across from my apartment and bought a suit, a shirt, socks, shoes and a tie. I texted Claudia many times to choose the right tie to match the red dress she was planning to wear.

The wedding was on a Friday night and the service was at a church just two blocks from my office in Vitacura - Claudia met me there. I went out to greet Claudia and as she walked off the elevator towards me I stopped dead in my tracks - she looked absolutely stunning. We walked, holding hands, over to the church. 

The reception was just North of Santiago at Casona de la Laguna in Chicureo. Wow. I linked it, because you've never seen a venue like this before, amazing. Dinner was as spectacular, and the dancing started at 12:30am. I had a giant smile on my face all night long, the visual splendor, the traditions, the setting, the food, the music, the friends we met and the wine... but mostly because at my side was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. 

Before dinner, we explored the venue and as we walked across the dance floor, Bob Dylan came on with Lay Lady Lay, at that moment we became pololo and polola (boyfriend and girlfriend).

I will forever remember my first Chilean wedding.