Exploring Santiago

Claudia and I were inseparable throughout the rest of June and July. Every chance we could, we spent time together - we went for walks, dinners, museums, wineries, hikes (treks) and some shopping. We enjoyed cooking together and we even went on a picnic with ceviche and wine (forgot the corkscrew and the ceviche leaked all over everything on the way there - but we had a great time just the same). 

Claudia calls me her chanchito (and she is my chanchita), so we couldn't resist the pic above. Chanchito is a term of endearment in Chile, in other Spanish speaking countries is just means "little piggy", some things don't translate well. 

We went to Borago Restaurant, the only Michelin starred restaurant in all of Chile, with 18 courses featuring molecular gastronomy with flavours from the various regions of Chile, it was a huge hit with Claudia who is a food engineer by trade. It was also the most expensive meal I have ever had - worth every peso. 

We hiked up Morro Las Pappas (Potato Mountain), not too far from Claudia's home and a nice hike with some amazing views at the top. 

We visited LaVega market - one of the largest food markets in the world - was it ever cool. I have never seen such large produce in all my life. Was quite the experience to walk through.

Claudia and I grew closer and closer with every passing day and each day was a new adventure... we were falling in love.