First date

Saturday morning, I caught an Uber over to my old apartment to pick up my road bike, I rode back to my new apartment and was thinking of how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with Claudia. I decided, when I got to my new apartment, I would ask her to go on a date with me, for dinner that night. Fingers crossed.

In Chile, and many places in the world, Whatsapp is the preferred method of communication - so, I 'Whatsapped' Claudia to ask if she'd like to join me for dinner later that night, she responded not too long after with a yes! 

Claudia and I were going to the Jewel of India for dinner on Saturday night, a weird choice, I know, but Indian food was something different and I wanted to make an impression! She met me at the corner near my apartment to take an Uber to the restaurant. When I first saw her, my heart skipped a beat - her long red coat, flowing raven black hair and warm, friendly smile, she was surely the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. We got to the restaurant and changed seats many times before settling on the perfect spot. We still do this in most restaurants we go to without even thinking about it, I believe it's because we want every time we are together to be perfect. We laugh about it, we think it's silly but we still do it. 

The night before, we talked a lot about our kids our families and about work. This night, we talked a lot about our travels and some interesting things we've done - I was really impressed with the way Claudia looked at different experiences and her perspective. Conversation came so easily to us, so natural and fluid - I didn't want dinner to end.

We shared a bottle of Toro de Piedra Gran Reserva Carmenere to enjoy with dinner. I'm sure the dinner was good, and if I'm being honest, I only remember the wine because I took a photo of it. I only remember her and our conversation.

Again, we talked all night and decided to walk back rather than take a taxi or Uber. As we walked back, we continued to talk until one point when I stopped to take a photo of us on the sidewalk. This one. 

Our first kiss happened right after this photo was taken.