5 KG - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl
5 KG - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

5 KG - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

The Muster Point Project
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Limited edition pressing of the 5 KG EP  * **SHIPS in DECEMBER* **

This 5 song EP is the collaboration between Canadian novelist Geoff Moore and The Muster Point Project. Geoff Moore wrote 5 short stories in the form of lyrics, each with a different style and a different take on life. The Muster Point Project put these stories to music, each with a different style, all drawing from the many musical influences shared by Kevin and Geoff.

1. I Got This - 3:17
2. I Love That Song - 3:55
3. Grub Street - 3:32
4. I Did What I Did - 2:35
5. The Little Things - 4:12

Praise for I Got This
"Literary and musical history is littered with cautionary tales, but few sound as jolly as The Muster Point Project's 'I Got This'" ~ Unrecorded Music Magazine

Praise for Grub Street
"Love the voices and how they’re mixed, it all reminds me of Pernice Brothers’ high moments. And that's saying a lot. The mid tempo drive fits just right everything that goes on here, the smart lyrics, the mandolin, and the accordion, the soothing melody. Nowadays, some press would be inclined to tag such a song as “alt country”, perhaps. I feel it’s basically great pop-rock, looking for a more personal, different sound while keeping a rootsy feeling. And it works so well." ~ Editor in Chief, Rolling Stone Magazine

All of the instruments and vocals were performed by Kevin Franco, with exception of the drums/percussion (Sterling Laws (Lo Moon, War on Drugs) on I Got This, Taylor Allum on Grub Street, Marcelo Effori on I Love That Song, I Did What I Did, The Little Things), the horns (Kick Horns (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton) on I Got This) and the accordion (Oleg Pisarenko on Grub Street) and the background vocals (Anastasia Kareva on The Little Things). 

This EP was produced by Darryl McFadyen.